Stress awareness month - are you feeling the pressure

Stress Awareness Month – are you feeling the pressure?!

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April marks ‘National Stress Awareness Month’, everyone gets stressed from time to time about work, family, or life in general, but often we get confused with the difference between work related pressure and work related stress. It’s time to start taking it more seriously, and as April is ‘Stress Awareness Month’ it’s the perfect time […]


Sorry, can’t talk love, I’m on the Blog!

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November marks the start of ‘National Blog Posting Month’, and so I thought I would take this opportunity to explain to you all, a little bit about WiKnow and the Western Industrial Group. “The online knowledge bank for everything industrial” The WiKnow blog was created in May 2014, its purpose is to be informative and […]


Social Media, friend or foe?

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Yesterday was Social Media Day, and with the popularity of Social Media increasing you should now more than ever ensure you have some kind of presence on social media. Whilst setting up your social platforms, you should have an idea of your target audience, why people would want to follow you and what interesting content […]


Industrial Workers of the World Day

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Today is Industrial Workers of the World Day – Industrial workers are a lot less common than they used to be, due to the modernisation of industry and the large increase of machinery replacing them. It has been said that ‘technology could potentially replace workers for 80% of current jobs’, and it is easy to overlook […]


World Productivity Day

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Tomorrow is World Productivity Day. A less well-known celebratory day. It is more of an opportunity for suppliers and businesses to celebrate their contributions to their customers. For example – Coffee companies might use this day to promote the benefits of using their products to stay alert at work. Or charities may promote their fundraising […]