Watch your back!

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Backache – Almost all of us have suffered from it; and for those of you thinking “Nope, not me!”, then don’t speak too soon. It’s been said that 4 out of 5 adults will suffer with backache at some stage of their adult lives. Backache can be caused by all manner of different reasons, and […]


There’s a Sign and a place!

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Signage – it’s everywhere! Used for everything from safety applications right through to directional instructions. But why are signs so important? Generally, signs are used to inform, warn, promote health and safety for the public, and to make life a little bit easier for us all! Depending on  your type of workplace, the sign requirements will […]


Industrial Workers of the World Day

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Today is Industrial Workers of the World Day – Industrial workers are a lot less common than they used to be, due to the modernisation of industry and the large increase of machinery replacing them. It has been said that ‘technology could potentially replace workers for 80% of current jobs’, and it is easy to overlook […]


World Productivity Day

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Tomorrow is World Productivity Day. A less well-known celebratory day. It is more of an opportunity for suppliers and businesses to celebrate their contributions to their customers. For example – Coffee companies might use this day to promote the benefits of using their products to stay alert at work. Or charities may promote their fundraising […]


Preventing slips and trips in the workplace

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Trips and slips are one of the most common cause of injury at work, whether you work in an office, warehouse, restaurant or hospital. HSE statistics show that in 2012/2013 slips and trips combined, made up for more than half of all reported injuries. Follow these steps to prevent accidents in your workplace – Prevent […]