Why is it important to keep your Cables organised?

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Cable management is not going to be high priority for most people, but there are a few business benefits to keeping cables neat and tidy in the workplace. The most obvious advantage is aesthetic – no one can say that a rat’s nest of cables hanging off the back of every employee’s work area is […]


Keep your Chemicals Contained – The Chemical Absorbent Sock

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Chemical absorbents should be a necessity when working in close contact with hazardous fluids. There are many different types, but generally their purpose is to catch the leaks and spills of hazardous fluids. Chemical Absorbent Socks – Spills happen. They’re an unfortunate but inevitable part of industrial work. When they happen, you may find yourself […]


A step in the right direction – How to use a ladder safely

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For those with an occupation such as a contractor, window cleaner or electrician, the daily use of a ladder becomes second nature, but are you considering safety enough? What is there to know about ladder safety? Every year thousands of people are injured, and sometimes even killed due to ignorance towards ladder safety. With a […]