Stress awareness month - are you feeling the pressure

Stress Awareness Month – are you feeling the pressure?!

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April marks ‘National Stress Awareness Month’, everyone gets stressed from time to time about work, family, or life in general, but often we get confused with the difference between work related pressure and work related stress. It’s time to start taking it more seriously, and as April is ‘Stress Awareness Month’ it’s the perfect time […]

CDM Regulation Changes

Proposed changes to the CDM Regulations 2015

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A recent article regarding the proposed revisions to the CDM Regulations 2015 (Construction Design and Management), published by HSE (Health and Safety Executive) stated that, subject to Parliamentary approval, new changes will come into force on 6th April 2015. The new regulations effect both construction companies and domestic clients. THE GUIDANCE STATES The draft Legal […]


Listen up! Your hearing is irreplaceable

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Hearing loss caused at work is preventable, but once your hearing has gone, it very rarely comes back. Some 17,000 people in the UK suffer deafness, ringing in the ears and other ear conditions caused by excessive noise at work. Am I at risk? People who work in noisy conditions everyday won’t always realise the […]


Dust the job!

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If you’re a busy builder, working on a construction site day in day out, construction dust may seem like the norm to you. But it can be a serious risk to your health. Construction dust is a general term used to describe what may be found on a construction site, and it can cause real […]


Are you feeling the pressure? – Stress at work

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People often get confused with the difference between work related pressure and work related stress. We all experience pressure at work – it can motivate us to perform at our best. But it’s when we experience constant pressure and feel unable to cope, that stress can result. Why do we need to tackle stress at […]