Dust the job!

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If you’re a busy builder, working on a construction site day in day out, construction dust may seem like the norm to you. But it can be a serious risk to your health. Construction dust is a general term used to describe what may be found on a construction site, and it can cause real […]


Are you feeling the pressure? – Stress at work

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People often get confused with the difference between work related pressure and work related stress. We all experience pressure at work – it can motivate us to perform at our best. But it’s when we experience constant pressure and feel unable to cope, that stress can result. Why do we need to tackle stress at […]


There’s a Sign and a place!

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Signage – it’s everywhere! Used for everything from safety applications right through to directional instructions. But why are signs so important? Generally, signs are used to inform, warn, promote health and safety for the public, and to make life a little bit easier for us all! Depending on  your type of workplace, the sign requirements will […]


A step in the right direction – How to use a ladder safely

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For those with an occupation such as a contractor, window cleaner or electrician, the daily use of a ladder becomes second nature, but are you considering safety enough? What is there to know about ladder safety? Every year thousands of people are injured, and sometimes even killed due to ignorance towards ladder safety. With a […]


It’s no smoking matter!

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The smoking ban came into force on the 1st July 2007 in the UK, and since then the popularity of smoking has dropped significantly. The decrease in smoking In 1974 – 51% of men, and 41% of women smoked in the UK, nearly half of the population In 2014 – 10 million adults smoke in […]