Blow or wipe – which is more hygienic?

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We all know 80% of common infectious illnesses are spread by our hands, and effective hand washing is our best defence – but what about hand drying? Are all the methods equally hygienic? Hand drying after all is an essential part of the hand washing process, this is because wet hands are better at passing […]


Give your workshop some TLC!

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Typically, workshops are anything but clean and tidy! And more often than not, your workshop can end up looking tired and neglected. Workshops come in all shapes and sizes, but there are a few necessities that all workshops should have in order to be a productive workspace. Lockers – to ensure your workshop is kept […]


DIY just for men? Not anymore!

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A survey published by the Daily Mail showed that more women are becoming experts at DIY – 1,244 British women were questioned about their DIY habits, and 60% say they are now more likely to carry out home improvements than their partners, and half consider themselves handier than men. The most common answer when asked […]


Why do I need to wear safety workwear?

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People that have worked in industrial environments for years might often be reluctant to wear safety clothing – items such as High-Visibility jackets, gloves, goggles and hard hats. This is usually because they have worked in their industry for years, they know what they’re doing and have never encountered incidents where they have needed safety clothing […]


Wrap up! The endless uses for bubble wrap

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Whether you are 5, or 65, you can find enjoyment in Bubble Wrap! A recent survey conducted on adults showed that popping bubble wrap is certainly something the “Big kid” in them still enjoys. Bubble Wrap was accidentally invented in the late 1950’s, when the inventors where actually trying to make textured wallpaper! Unfortunately, their […]