Protect your package, strap it in with strapping equipment!

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Strapping has increased in popularity over many other packaging options in the last few years. This is mainly due to its performance advantages and cost saving benefits in comparison to other packaging products. Strapping is used in a variety of different industries, generally being used to secure loads for distribution. Strapping is perfect for heavy […]

wiknow sochi olympics mezzanine

Western Industrial Business Interiors strikes gold in Sochi!

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In January 2014, Western Industrial Business Interiors were asked to supply a large –scale mezzanine for Sochi, in time for the Winter Olympics. They were thrilled to be chosen, due to their ability to meet the demanding deadline and provide the specification that was required to supply the mezzanine floor for a leading worldwide events […]

How important is your posture?

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May is ‘Correct your posture’ month! Bad posture can cause a lot of problems! If you slouch, you add extra stress to your muscles and joints. This can eventually lead to arthritis and other problems with your joints. It also deprives your body of oxygen which can make you more tired, which in turn, affects your circulation, digestion and even […]