why do I need to wear Personal Protective Equipment

Why do I need to wear Personal Protective Equipment?

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When working in hazardous environments such as warehouses, construction sites or factories, you will likely need some form of personal protective equipment (PPE) in place.  PPE refers to clothing, head wear, eye wear or other protective garments that you need to use, for your safety to be ensured. People that have worked in industrial environments […]

How can your workplace benefit from Recycling?

How can your workplace benefit from Recycling?

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Recycling is an economical and cost effective way of dealing with office waste, and it is often cheaper than general waste disposal. Recycling isn’t just a good way of saving money, but it helps the environment! Since the 1960s the amount of rubbish we create has gone up by 500%, meaning that the average UK […]


Why is it important to keep your Cables organised?

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Cable management is not going to be high priority for most people, but there are a few business benefits to keeping cables neat and tidy in the workplace. The most obvious advantage is aesthetic – no one can say that a rat’s nest of cables hanging off the back of every employee’s work area is […]


How can Social Media benefit your business?

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As a 21st century business, your social media presence should no longer be seen as optional.  Todays successful businesses are utilising social media and integrating it into their marketing strategies.  Whilst setting up, you must first understand your target audience and create a draw – why have they or should they follow you? What are your unique selling points and how you […]

Stress awareness month - are you feeling the pressure

Stress Awareness Month – are you feeling the pressure?!

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April marks ‘National Stress Awareness Month’, everyone gets stressed from time to time about work, family, or life in general, but often we get confused with the difference between work related pressure and work related stress. It’s time to start taking it more seriously, and as April is ‘Stress Awareness Month’ it’s the perfect time […]

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