A new angle on Security!

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If like most businesses, you wish to add additional safety and security without the expense of installing a high maintenance and slightly intimidating CCTV camera, there are other options available to you, such as Security convex mirrors.

The mirrors can be used in a number of different ways, creating a safer environment for you and your customers, and giving you the ability to monitor the goings on in your premises without making any of your customers / visitors feel uncomfortable.

How do Security mirrors work?

Security mirrors work in a similar way to CCTV cameras, as they provide an additional viewpoint, but they are much less expensive, don’t need any maintenance or power supply and are less intrusive. Security mirrors come in all shapes and sizes for shops, warehouses, driveways, security checkpoints, and other places where you need an inexpensive “eye in the sky”.

What are the different types of security mirrors?

  1. Shop Mirrors – These mirrors are designed so you can see all activity in the blind spots behind shelves, allowing you to keep a watchful eye on any suspicious looking customers without offending anyone! These mirrors can be supplied with 10m-13m viewing distance, so they are handy if your premises is quite large


    Shop Mirror

  2. Hemispherical Mirrors; Full Hemisphere – This mirror allows vision from virtually every angle and are ideal for ceiling fittings. They are commonly used in car parks and security check points, and are often fitted with a CCTV camera inside them!


    Full Hemisphere

  3. Half Hemisphere  – These are also called wall dome mirrors, they are ideal for creating great visibility for safety and security applications in warehouses. It’s recommended that you mount these mirrors at around 8-10 feet from the ground


    Half Hemisphere

  4. Quarter Hemisphere – Also called corner dome mirrors. These are also popular in retail shops because they’re quite small and discreet. Unbreakable and vandal-proof, these mirrors can provide you with permanent security without the maintenance and expense of a CCTV camera!


    Quarter Hemisphere

1. In the 1980’s, some retail shops used to slightly bend the mirrors in the changing rooms, so it made their customers look thinner – this crafty tactic, helped to increase sales!

2. Mirrors bend so that the light refracts from the surface, bouncing it back to make a different image!

3. 68% of people who have non-drug related hallucinations find them in mirrors

5. Decades ago, mirrors were put on the bottom of bathtubs, yes, to see how dirty your bottom really was!

6. Mirrors can be affected by sound, and can break if you hit the right pitch for long periods!

Security mirrors
are becoming increasingly popular because they’re inexpensive, highly effective and have a long working life. If you think your workplace will benefit from some extra security, Western Industrial Products currently has offers on all of their Security convex mirrors!

Article compiled by: Laura Pay-Savage

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